10 November 2012

Beautiful Botlierskop

We have spent 2 glorious days here so far and I am awed by the beauty on our doorstep.

We have been enjoying stunning weather, first class service and unbelievable food which does not leave you feeling guilty .... Even though dinners are a 6 course event!

This morning saw us playing tourist and off we went to walk with lions. These 2 have been bred in captivity but a lion is a lion....an incredible of not mildly anxiety-inducing experience.

After a leisurely lunch and soaking up some rays we decided to hit the tennis courts for the first time in decades! It was such fun and the 80mins sped by way too fast. My right arm is feeling it but I do think its a sport I could love!

Right now we are upstairs waiting for the Bok/Ireland game to start .... A win would round out a perfect day.

Tomoro we head for home (not before a quick visit to the Spa!) and I cannot wait to lay my eyes on my spratlets!


blackhuff said...

I love all the photos but especially those with the lions. Wow!
Glad you had a great time - parents do need it sometime :)

cat said...

Lovely time for just the two of you. I have to say that there is no way that I would walk with a lion - a wild animal stays wild in my eyes.

Lynette said...

I still cannot get enough of the times DH and I go away along together. Your getaway looks amazing...and walking with the lions, what an amazing thing to do.

Jeannie said...

So beautiful! The lions are just incredible!!!!

So brave! I am not sure I would have come that close!