24 November 2012

Finally Forty

My fortieth has come and gone. It was fun but quite exhausting for me. As in introvert (who passes easily for an extrovert) this type of activity can finish me off for a week!

A few of my favourite images from the night.

from left: my sil, me, a bff and her hubby and my older brother

My mom saying a few lovely words.

Listening to a friend making a speech, hilarious in parts.

My parents throwing some shapes on the floor!

Fun times, not the most flattering pic but I love this one of my man!

My brother and his wife

My other brother and his girlfriend

My sis, niece and bil.

It was well worth it though - to have many of my favourite people in one place was such a treat. We ate, we chatted, we danced and we laughed. And speeches were made by a friend, my parents and my man. I even said a few garbled words - I was quite overwhelmed by then and cant remember anything I said!


blackhuff said...

I'm so glad you had a time which you will not forget ever. Love the dress you also wore on that evening. I have to say, the running is really doing you good.
Here's to 40 more years to your life.

Julia said...

You looked beautiful. I LOVE those red heels! So glad you ended up having a party and a fun, enjoyable, intimate one at that. It IS a special occasion.