12 November 2012

Scenes from a MOERSE hike

While in Kynsna we decided to head up to Rheenendal and do a little mountain walk. I havent been able to run in over a month due to injury but I was
 desparate to get onto a trail again...even if it meant walking.

We got ourselves a map and decided to do a 9km loop. Little did we know that some signage had come down in high winds recently and we missed the turn....

At around 2.5hrs I was convinced we were lost...how can 9km take this long? I convinced the man to turn back but along the way we met some German tourists who assured me we were going the right way so we turned around AGAIN (against my judgement)

Fast forward 2hrs and another 8kms and a truck...with a ranger who came to collect us off a road to nowhere!

Suffice to say it was a great experience, lots of laughs, a couple of expletives but plenty of good memories.


blackhuff said...

I'm glad you and hubby have enjoyed the walk to much.
I love the photos and such a beautiful area the two of you have explored. Would have loved taking my camera in there :)

cat said...

Although way longer than you thought, it sounds wonderful and a true adventure

Lynette said...

I love walking in that neck of the woods...so beautiful. I also love to take photos of the tree fungus.

Jeannie said...

Looks amazing... love being outdoors.

Good for you