25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas was spent in Mcgregor this year although with a bit of a difference. For the first time in my life I did not have to decide with which parents to holiday~all my parents and siblings were there this year - along with Russell's dad, sister, brother in law and nephew. It was certainly a year to remember.

My dad and I 

Faith and Bruno

With the Mcgregor parentals

Early morning stories with gran and grampie

The whole shebang

Christmas 2012 with Gran and Grumpy Gramps

Russ carving and Anne doing everything else!

Kids and cousins!

I am not sure if the kids have ever had a better christmas, with all their grannies, grandpas and cousins with them for days on end (eveyone stayed in mcgregs for 3 days+) It was heartwarming to see the interactions and enjoy their jubilance.

more cousin pics

Watching some epic youtubes
The gorgeous loooooong table
early morn brekky at Pemberton with CT parentals
with my bro

My other bro and his family

Our tribe Dec 2012

(still waiting for more pics, i took very few.....will update when i receive them)


Julia said...

What a fantastic Christmas! LOVE these pics. x

Hayley said...

How awesome to have everyone around, thats what it is all about!

blackhuff said...

I'm glad you all had such a great Christmas day and it's awesome how you had all your family members on one day at one place. Wow!

Lynette said...

Wow...the whole family at one table. That is simply epic.

cat said...

What an,epic Christmas! Love the huge longbtable,and fa,ily pic

Flowrsinherhair said...

Omgoodness - that's the longest table I have ever seen! What an awesome Christmas! One for the memory books!!!!