10 December 2012

Day One of Holidays!

The first day of school holidays so me rather bleak. Reason being I had two nasty chores on my agenda first thing this Monday morning.

1. Renew my drivers licence.
2. Take my car to the panelbeaters for a quote to replace the bumper.

I dropped the girls off at a friend for the morning and headed out at 9am to start the nastiness. Talk about pleasantly surprised....my drivers was renewed within 15mins. No queues, no fuss.

I even had time to pop to Readers Warehouse to shop for christmas reads before heading to the panelbeaters....which took no more than 5 minutes!!!

My Monday could not have started on a better note. I headed for home but decided to pop into the gym to swipe my card to ensure my membership stays active - I  do not see the inside of a gym very often anymore as summer is here and running is my choice of activity. I grabbed myself a cappucino to go and took a slow meander through Food Lovers before fetching the girls at noon.

We spent the afternoon finishing a few chores but mainly watching Hart of Dixie, which has fast become the 'thing' we girls do together.

We are looking forward to welcoming the men home this evening after their weekend in PE watching our Blitzbokke in the Sevens World Series.


Ordinarylife said...

wow, sounds like a good day. Lets hope the rest of the holidays are as pleasant.

blackhuff said...

What a stunning day you had after all. So happy everything went your way and so quick as well.
It's so cool that you have something to share like "Heart of Dixie" with your girls.

Julia said...

Oooh what a lekker day. I have no idea what Dixie Hart is. Am off to google.