27 December 2012

Our Breede Cruise

After a very busy few days after Christmas we decided to head out for a little outing with my sister-in-law and all the kids. A cruise along the Breede including a picnic seemed like the perfect outing to satisfy both the 4 adults and the 6 kids alike!

Love all these little humans - my kids, nieces and nephew

The weather was gorgeous but the wind was HOWLING. Unfortunately both my youngest kids have fallen prey to the infamous Cape winds and have been knocked off their feet on more than one occasion...suffice to say they were NOT KEEN on going on this flimsy boat with no sides (just tension wires). Not only that but we would have to be seated on the upper deck!

I agreed to stay on dry land with Faith and Levi....and then realised I would be totally missing out...as the boat was about to leave I scurried down with two wailing kids and jumped the rope to make it just in time!
from top left clockwise: almost missed the boat...tearful and fearful kids and finally me trying to get them up  to see over the railing and begin to ENJOY the experience! (it worked btw!)

Both kids sat on each side of me, sobbing their hearts out, convinced we were all gonna die ... as we puttered at a snails pace along the river. The howling winds ensured no food would be consumed...but eventually the dust settled and the tears abated.
Everyone (ie Faith and Levi)  begin to loosen up a tiny bit

They even got up and went to the lower deck...and I caught Faith doing the 'can-can' dance ! Ha, mom does know best sometimes!
Girls enjoying the view and the breeze

We arrived safely back, but not before our youngest niece, kate, had to relieve herself in the ice bucket!!  I am so out of practice with wee-ones that I forgot to ablute her before we left shore.

We all made it! We survived! (as Levi proclaimed as we came back to shore!)

We had a lovely picnic back on dry land and went home a happy bunch with many tales to tell.


Julia said...

LOVE it! This looks like such a nice outing. I need to take my kids on a boat trip. Soon.

Lynette said...

Such beautiful family photos...you all look so relaxed and happy.

blackhuff said...

Sho! Can see in the photos how the winds were blowing. I do miss it though. I love the winds.
Glad you made the decision to go on the boat - yes, you would have missed an opportunity of a lifetime.

cat said...

Love it

Flowrsinherhair said...

I didn't know you did this.... So awesome. Love the Ice bucket story!