05 December 2012

Prize Giving 2012

I cant believe prizegiving has hit us again...I have scarcely recovered from the drama of last year! ;-)

The girls did exceptionally well again this year. Both are highly motivated little achievers. Funnily enough Faith received the HUMILITY badge award this year (Rachel received it last year!).

Levi got an honorary sports award for being part of the school cricket team even though he isnt actually part of the school yet. He was very stoked - and really looking forward to being a 'real member' next year. He is already so integrated into school life via sport and his sisters that it is going to be smooth sailing into Grade 1 for him next year.

I always find prizegivings a bitter pill to swallow. I really wish schools would do away with this kind of system; recognition is great but I wrestle with the fact that kids who are gifted in 'non-conventional' or 'non-academic' spheres somehow fall through the cracks.

I find after every prize-giving I have to cheerfully do the 'woohoo' with my kids and later (when things settle) have the inevitable 'chat' about worldly recognition and remembering the reason we work/play hard is not for recognition by teachers/peers or even parents. *sigh*

I swear my kids see me coming with *that look* and I see them almost roll their eyes and say

'yes mooooooom, we know'.

Good. I am glad they know because God knows no-one is going to be handing our merit awards and accolades when they hit the real world! ;-)

(forgive me if I sound cynical, I don't mean it like that and I am very proud of the kids....but, well, ja. )


blackhuff said...

A BIG, MASSIVE BIG, congrats to your children for all the rewards that they have received this year. It's amazing.

Julia said...

Congrats to your kids and congrats to you! I hear you. And I understand exactly what you mean. There are no rewards in the real world.