31 January 2013

Photo Post

Last night we all went down to the Fish Hoek Athletic Club to go and get a feel for how it all works. 
Every Wednesday evening they do time trials (3,5,8km) so I thought it would be great to do the 3km
trial as a family. The kids did superbly, sure, they had to walk occasionally but they finished comfortably in 20 minutes. Definitely going to make a regular family outing --- best is that it is free!

Levi and Russell approaching the 1.5km mark

Faith and Levi at the finish enjoying a well earned drink!
My tween sucking up the pain around halfway!

We have been enjoying incredible weather in Cape Town recently - staying near the beach has been amazing. The kids have learnt to bodysurf and also enjoy boogie boards. I will be much happier when the shark nets go up though....my heart is always in my throat when they are out there!

Since turning off our dstv there have been three dramatic changes:
1. less noise. (bickering and the noise of the dumb tv)
2. time spent reading has trebled, if not more
3. easier to get to bed at a far more reasonable hour

All three kids are avid readers; am especially happy to see that Levi is equally absorbed by a good book, winter is going to be epic at this rate!

6am on the beach with my coffee, a rare but wonderful occurence!

I really do hope to blog more often...life is still so seriously mucked up. We are moving out again next week as they return the fans to our home. Moisture level readings still between 300-400 and we need them down to 150 before floors will be installed. Eish. It's been a long road and still the end is not in sight. 

28 January 2013

It is all a blur

The last few weeks that is.  A blur. And each time I sit here to write I become frazzled and overwhelmed by how much has happened. Perhaps saying nothing is simply easier than to (heaven forbid) not tell it all?

No. That is not true.

Here I am and I am saying something. Bullets. Because that is all I can manage right now.

  • the house saga continues with dramatic highs and lows. we moved home today only to find out that the flooring company is now refusing to install. they are being ridiculous about pitious moisture in the screed (hello, we live on clay at the coast?) and want us to sign a waiver before they install.
  • my house is chaos. furniture all piled up in the centre of each room. I cannot make right until we know what is going to happen...ie more fans or no more fans. then the painters have to come in so pointless arranging my furniture. limbo is not a comfortable place for me...and its been MONTHS people. 
  • i deserve an extra street of gold near my home in heaven.
  • my kids are well
  • Levi breezed into Grade 1 like he was in Grade 3. No bells, whistles or fanfare. He is amazing.
  • He lives for break and sport.
  • The girls are happy and settled and have joined the netball squad - their first team sport.
  • I am running as much as I can and have been INJURY FREE since November. Can I hear a hallelujah?
  • Russ and I are doing the Cape Summer Trail Series together and its been fuuuun. We have quite a few other races happening over the next few months building up to a half marathon through Cape Point in the later part of the year.
  • I have also started a 'newbie' trail group for some friends who want to get into it and we meet on a Thursday morning. It is so great to see people who have never run before suddenly 'get it'. Starting super slow and then building up and seeing YES, I CAN! Brings me great joy.
  • I have once again employed home help. Twice a week. Not that much help can be given to my house in its current state but anyyyyyway. Such is life.
  • I have done not much in the way of art stuff although I did break in my beauiful leather journal given to my by Flowrs for my 40th. I had been procrastinating cos its so lovely .... so we got together and we both did the front pages of our journals. Twas fun indeed.
  • I have once again disconnected dstv. It feels weird but I am sure we will get used to it. I do miss it though, especially BBC and the Lifestyle channels. I think I will investigate Compact bouquet....

I will be updating with photos soon. Probably. No definitely. Well maybe. 

10 January 2013

Sticks and Stones

Levi had a play date this morn, his first these holidays. He is not a huge play date fan, in fact none of my kids are.

This afternoon I had a playdate of my very own and met Natalie and her girls at Tokai forest

I was just so amazed to watch how these kids played... With nothing but sticks and stones! The first 15mins saw them moaning and groaning due to boredom but once I forced them to "shoo" they soon found many ways to entertain themselves!

03 January 2013

Just Play

Today has been what we call a JustPlay day. No agendas. No errands. No time restraints.

Our home is once again just us. I have been pottering from one chore to the next, not really completing anything but mentally making notes of bits that need to be done.

Kids have been playing and playing . They just love not having to go anywhere or do anything.

The painters arrived this morn but somehow not even the noise of the high pressure hose can dampen my laid back mood.

What has annoyed me somewhat is the inability to find relevant paint suppliers in Cape Town that are open.... Seems everyone is taking an extra long vac!
I got to play with Levi today - he was the waiter....
Colour is Topsoil - hit and miss but I think its a winner....not that I am very fussy..
many many games going on
quick before shot

(please note I am now posting direct from my phone so forgive any typos etc - something the pics may also be weird but I find if I post on the fly then at least it gets done!)

02 January 2013

Time Out

I found myself feeling mildly desparate today. I just needed some quiet space; a chance to not have to interact or make small talk or be polite or 'smile and wave'.

I bowed out of some pre-arranged lunch plans... Sent my family on without me and escaped to my mom. Her company, haven above the sea,, yummy lunch and wireless saved the day!

Russ fetched me a few hours later and we decided to go run a new trail together. Tough and demanding terrain left us exhilarated and energized .

Back home we met the youngster who are going to take my house from drab to fab with a splash of exterior paint and from there we headed out to have dinner at a local Tapas restaurant a a farewell to Grandpa Garrie who heads back to Namibia tomorrow.

01 January 2013

New Years

This year we did not go out to celebrate the incoming year.  Kinda random seeing as we have Russ' dad with us and therefore a free babysitter...

I think the last two weeks have absolutely sapped my desire for human company, loud noise and camera posing which, lets face it, is what New Years parties are all about. Facebook is FULL of crazy pics within minutes of the new year sunrise! :-)

We hung out at home, watched the One Direction concert in a very tame manner as we did not want to scare Grandpa Garrie....we had to forcibly restrain ourselves. ;-)

From there on we had tacos for dinner and ice creams for dessert and watched double billings of Come Dine with Me.

Would have been a perfect NY if only I wasnt still awake at 230am because of the bloody Cape Town howling gale which causes every door and window in my house to shake rattle and roll!

The boys at Barracudas

And the girls!

Woke up bleary eyed this morning, slow day with lunch at Barracudas and a child free afternoon catching up on my blog and photo editing.

All in all a very mellow start to 2013!