28 January 2013

It is all a blur

The last few weeks that is.  A blur. And each time I sit here to write I become frazzled and overwhelmed by how much has happened. Perhaps saying nothing is simply easier than to (heaven forbid) not tell it all?

No. That is not true.

Here I am and I am saying something. Bullets. Because that is all I can manage right now.

  • the house saga continues with dramatic highs and lows. we moved home today only to find out that the flooring company is now refusing to install. they are being ridiculous about pitious moisture in the screed (hello, we live on clay at the coast?) and want us to sign a waiver before they install.
  • my house is chaos. furniture all piled up in the centre of each room. I cannot make right until we know what is going to happen...ie more fans or no more fans. then the painters have to come in so pointless arranging my furniture. limbo is not a comfortable place for me...and its been MONTHS people. 
  • i deserve an extra street of gold near my home in heaven.
  • my kids are well
  • Levi breezed into Grade 1 like he was in Grade 3. No bells, whistles or fanfare. He is amazing.
  • He lives for break and sport.
  • The girls are happy and settled and have joined the netball squad - their first team sport.
  • I am running as much as I can and have been INJURY FREE since November. Can I hear a hallelujah?
  • Russ and I are doing the Cape Summer Trail Series together and its been fuuuun. We have quite a few other races happening over the next few months building up to a half marathon through Cape Point in the later part of the year.
  • I have also started a 'newbie' trail group for some friends who want to get into it and we meet on a Thursday morning. It is so great to see people who have never run before suddenly 'get it'. Starting super slow and then building up and seeing YES, I CAN! Brings me great joy.
  • I have once again employed home help. Twice a week. Not that much help can be given to my house in its current state but anyyyyyway. Such is life.
  • I have done not much in the way of art stuff although I did break in my beauiful leather journal given to my by Flowrs for my 40th. I had been procrastinating cos its so lovely .... so we got together and we both did the front pages of our journals. Twas fun indeed.
  • I have once again disconnected dstv. It feels weird but I am sure we will get used to it. I do miss it though, especially BBC and the Lifestyle channels. I think I will investigate Compact bouquet....

I will be updating with photos soon. Probably. No definitely. Well maybe. 


cat said...

Oh Mel, I feel for you on the house front. It has to be super frustrating. In fact, it just puts everything to a halt. Hope it is resolved soon. And yeah on all other fronts is seems.

A loves netball, it is really a great sport for the girls (I think mostly because being so very tall is an advantage)

Lynette said...

Mel, I feel for you. I could never live like that...and it has been months. Yay for injury free running...and yay for Russ running with you.