03 January 2013

Just Play

Today has been what we call a JustPlay day. No agendas. No errands. No time restraints.

Our home is once again just us. I have been pottering from one chore to the next, not really completing anything but mentally making notes of bits that need to be done.

Kids have been playing and playing . They just love not having to go anywhere or do anything.

The painters arrived this morn but somehow not even the noise of the high pressure hose can dampen my laid back mood.

What has annoyed me somewhat is the inability to find relevant paint suppliers in Cape Town that are open.... Seems everyone is taking an extra long vac!
I got to play with Levi today - he was the waiter....
Colour is Topsoil - hit and miss but I think its a winner....not that I am very fussy..
many many games going on
quick before shot

(please note I am now posting direct from my phone so forgive any typos etc - something the pics may also be weird but I find if I post on the fly then at least it gets done!)


blackhuff said...

You did a great post via your phone. Would never have known that.

cat said...

I think the colour will be great. Sometimes posts on the fly is the only way I get them done

Lynette said...

So when do we see the after shots?

Lynette said...

Time to update this blog, Mel.