01 January 2013

New Years

This year we did not go out to celebrate the incoming year.  Kinda random seeing as we have Russ' dad with us and therefore a free babysitter...

I think the last two weeks have absolutely sapped my desire for human company, loud noise and camera posing which, lets face it, is what New Years parties are all about. Facebook is FULL of crazy pics within minutes of the new year sunrise! :-)

We hung out at home, watched the One Direction concert in a very tame manner as we did not want to scare Grandpa Garrie....we had to forcibly restrain ourselves. ;-)

From there on we had tacos for dinner and ice creams for dessert and watched double billings of Come Dine with Me.

Would have been a perfect NY if only I wasnt still awake at 230am because of the bloody Cape Town howling gale which causes every door and window in my house to shake rattle and roll!

The boys at Barracudas

And the girls!

Woke up bleary eyed this morning, slow day with lunch at Barracudas and a child free afternoon catching up on my blog and photo editing.

All in all a very mellow start to 2013!


Hayley said...

Sounds like the perfect start to 2013.
Hope its a good one xxx

Lynette said...

We drove back from East London on New Years Eve and got home after 7. We then watched Skouspel and went to bed shortly after 12 ;-)

Wishing you, Russ and the little Browns a peaceful and joyous 2013.


blackhuff said...

Sounds so perfect. I think that me and my little family should also just stay at home for the New Year Eve of this year. Idyllic!

Flowrsinherhair said...

Sounds pretty perfect!!!!!