02 January 2013

Time Out

I found myself feeling mildly desparate today. I just needed some quiet space; a chance to not have to interact or make small talk or be polite or 'smile and wave'.

I bowed out of some pre-arranged lunch plans... Sent my family on without me and escaped to my mom. Her company, haven above the sea,, yummy lunch and wireless saved the day!

Russ fetched me a few hours later and we decided to go run a new trail together. Tough and demanding terrain left us exhilarated and energized .

Back home we met the youngster who are going to take my house from drab to fab with a splash of exterior paint and from there we headed out to have dinner at a local Tapas restaurant a a farewell to Grandpa Garrie who heads back to Namibia tomorrow.


MelB said...

Pls excuse errors in post .... Done on my cellphone!

cat said...

Sometimes we need a bit of,time out

Lynette said...

I know that feeling;-) Sorry I have missed this post.

Flowrsinherhair said...

Love these running shots!