27 February 2013

Amusing Moments

This weekend past has been trying. I had many challenges to face, both externally and internally. I struggled with anger, resentment and overwhelming guilt.

But by Sunday evening the dust had settled. We took a walk on the beach and I was reminded again how fun my family can be. This photo sequence made me smile so am sharing it here to remind myself..,

The brief was for everyone to just hang together so I could get a shot with the sea in the background.

Take 1 : What is this? Separate development? C'mon guys - group up a bit!

Take Two: The boys consider joining the 'posers'.

Take Three: Levi braves it.....but OH NO YOU DON'T!

Take Four: He goes for broke...check the 'cowering pose'.

I realise this all could have gone horribly wrong if the moods had been slightly off but thankfully it was all amidst much mirth and giggles.

Who needs a perfect photo anyway?


cat said...

Fantastic photos! Love it.

Ordinarylife said...

they are perfect photos.

Julia said...

Honey, these photographs ARE perfect. I LOVE beach pics. x