05 February 2013

Back at Mom's

We moved back in with my folks yesterday - thankfully they are happy to have us for a week while work continues at the house. (or shall I see 'wind' continues)

Rach is staying with my sister so it feels really weird; almost like a limb is missing. It is quieter though...and I am thankful for the reprieve as it gives us both time to just breathe and reflect on how our relationship is going to progress. We certainly push each others buttons which is not only exhausting to us but to the rest of the family.

I downloaded Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (or something like that) last night as I have been hearing echoes around this book for a week or so now. I read the first few chapters and it is intriguing to see the way people parent and observe what some deem important/appropriate. It did make me pause for a moment around the way I parent. Will keep you posted on this.

We went to church on Sunday for the first time in, I dunno, YEARS. It was interesting and not unpleasant. We are not big church people but have our reasons for this decision. I suspect we may be back(row)yardigans but apparently God can find you there aswell. My favourite part is being able to use my phone legally in church....to take notes of course! ;-)

I did a pretty epic run with a friend on Sunday evening. What started out as a 5km trot ended up being a 13.5km adventure. We were both feeling good and strong so just kept going. It broke a mental thing for me....I am a speedy short distance (5-7km) runner and I have battled so see myself going much further. My friend, F, pushed me out of my comfort zone and showed me I actually do have the kms in me. I do want to increase my mileage this year to around 30-40km/s a week.

I am spending some time this week trying to collate my photos. Getting set up at the beginning of a year really sets the tone for how things shake down as time marches forward. I used to think downloading pics from my camera was a mission...now I have to get them from all the cameras, all the phones, facebook and random ones emailed to me. Overwhelming? A little bit. I do have to begin to let go of the desire to have ALL the photos ever taken. I have been ruthless this morning and deleted many MANY photos. It felt good.

What is on your to-do list this week?


ANNE said...

Going to tapestry group meeting!
John Tovey, MBE and Chef Extraodinaire invited those interested in chatting and doing tapestry - finishing with a glass of wine and a snack - very civilised and enjoyable - twice a month....love it!

cat said...

Ai, the house thing must be totally exhausting. It will have me in constant tears.

Stefanie said...

Good on ya, Mel! Church!

Lynette said...

I can't believe your house isn't sorted yet...that sucks big time.

Julia said...

Oh hat. I hope that your house will be sorted ASAP. Like once and for all. Also went to a new church recently. I have a love-hate relationship with Church and I have to say that I quite liked it. So did Child1. Child2 refused to go to Kids Rock and DH must still go. I suspect we'll go back. In fact, I know we'll go back. I plan to NEVER socialise though. I think that the people put me off every time.