21 February 2013

Camp Time

 I can scarcely believe that time has come again. February each year sees the Gr 4 - Gr 9's take off for camp. While the kids get more excited as the time approaches many of the parents begin swallowing hard.

I have come a long way since Rachel's first camp years ago - I wasn't fraught over the long bus ride and I didn't call the cell number to get updates. (teacher leaves a message every day at breks, lunch and dinner for parents which is thoughtful) I did enjoy the school's facebook page to keeping us up to date which is such a bonus. Photos are shared here and little snippets of what the kids are up to.

I did feel mildly concerned when she left as she was not 100% well. She is a stalwart and never gets ill but the day before she had a sore throat and stuffy nose. I could see in her eyes she wasnt herself but HELL WOULD FREEZE over before she would ever miss camp.

I packed panados for mornings, nose spray for days and med lemon for evenings. She was quite happy going off with her 'stash' and a cellphone knowing full well her Gramps was an hour away (in Mcgregs) and I was 2hrs away at home - both of us would be there in a flash if she became unwell.

Hugs and goodbyes.

Letting me know there are seat belts on the bus! Classic.

Suffice to say she was a-ok. She called us the first night sounding very excited about life. The next two days we received very hurried smses telling us all good and she loves us. Clearly she was just having TOO MUCH fun to be bothered to make a call but that is just as I like it!

Homework run a bit simpler minus 1 kid....relaxed and coffee in hand.

Next year Faith will be joining her on the annual school camp. It could go either way with missy....she could love it or she could loathe it. By this time you would think I would have an inkling. I do not. Nothing is predictable with this lot and frankly I like it that way.


cat said...

Glad she was well and enjoyed it

blackhuff said...

Oh cool :)
Our school have such camps for the Grade 4's and Grade 7's which happen in the last week of November.
This year is my son's turn and they always visit Cape Town for a week. This trip cost round about R5000. Yikes! Started saving up already.