06 February 2013

Jellybeans and a Race

Yesterday was a tough day. Emotionally I just hit a wall after hearing some potentially disturbing news about our home/floors. It would seem that things may not be as simple as get moisture out and put down floors. I actually do not have capacity to talk about it right now. By Monday I will know either way and I am deciding not to fall apart. Until I need to. On Monday.

This being said I really felt that jellybeans could solve all my problems. Russell outdid himself and arrived home with none other than a gourmet box set of 'beans for me. 

Couple with these and my latest read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom I managed to feel vaguley human by bed time. Hopeful even.

Gourmet Jellybeans!

I did indicate to Russ that I was not sure I had what it took to race today. The race itself was not the problem; it was the logistical handstands I would have to do with kids to be able to get the start line by 7pm tonight (an hour away) 

Getting out kit ready this morning as I will have to dash in and grab it this evening.

Thankfully I woke this morning with new plans rattling around my brain as to how I could organise logistics. My niece has decided not to run tonight so she will take care of my kids! (Legend Sami saves the day!) I am excited again and looking forward to spending time alone with Russ and doing something we both love. Sunset runs through Nature Reserves are something to celebrate and that we will do!


blackhuff said...

I'm glad that your niece can look after the kids tonight for the sunset race together with Russ. I can only imagine the beauty of such a race. Enjoy it.
I hope that the problem with your home is something that you can sort out :( Hugs

Ordinarylife said...

You turned to jelly beans, I turned to smarties... At least we both got our run in.

Lynette said...

Where do I find that box of jelly beans...I am a totally addict. As I am reading this you are sitting in the traffic trying to get there. I hope it turns out very well and that you make it on time.

cat said...

Oh heavens, I adore jelly beans too - Russel would so be in my good books with those. Ai, I do hope the floors thing works out

Julia said...

Oh honey. I hope that the house thing will be sorted. So sorry that this is such a nightmare. xoxo