24 February 2013

Oak Valley Run

This morning saw us waking up at an extremely unfriendly hour to make the drive to Grabouw for the final race in the Cape Summer Trail Series.

Thankfully parking was a breeze this time!

I was not in the mood. My legs were tired from a particularly challenging run on Friday. My headspace was bleak from a horrible argument with my tween last night which led to some dramatic events. I still felt sick to my stomach and just drained.

Approaching the start; contemplating the finish. Mood not good...!
Am thankful that Russ did the series with me as without him I think I may have pulled the duvet up and gone back to sleep.

The race was the most beautiful to date. The course was comfortably challenging, undulating up and through lush forests. My legs felt awful the first 3kms but eventually I came to life and began to just LOVE every moment. These short races in the series have given me a chance to get stronger and quicker over technical terrain. I am looking forward to entering the longer courses in winter when the temperatures are cooler.

Sporting our (ugly) but well earned medals - you had to do 3/4 races to own these gems.

For now I am grateful to my SIL who gave us each 2 entries as Christmas presents...who made me promise I would USE the money to run at least two races. And I am thankful I managed to actually finish all four races with no injury, apathy, illness,bad attitudes or family dramas to stand in my way.

And a massive THANK YOU to all the family members who had our kids overnight each time so we could do the races - none of this would have happened without you!

Now to keep focused and not completely fall apart (mentally) as I prepare this week for my half marathon debut on Sunday.


Ordinarylife said...

Well done.
It is funny how sometimes the runs we least feel like doing are the ones we enjoy the most.

cat said...

Well done! Exercise always clean the head space

blackhuff said...

I'm glad you have a support system where it makes it possible for you and hubby to enjoy the races.
Well done on the race. I love hearing about them.