01 February 2013

Randomness on a Friday

Books read recently:

  • Born To Run - Chris McDougall
  • Eat to Run - Scott Jurek
  • Reunion - Joanne Fedler

Movies seen:
  • Rise of the Guardians
I really seem to have lost my lust for movies. I would rather download or hire them. Sad but true. I will make the exception for the exceptional. Stuff like Life of Pi, Les Mis or The Hobbit.
Fact is there is so much drivel out there that sifting has become the order of the day.

Races Run:

  • Cape Summer Trail Series 1 in Elgin: Lebanon Forest

My niece, Sami, joined us for her first trail race

  •  Cape Summer Trail Series 2 in Constantia Greenbelt

Was great to have kids at the start/finish line at this race.
Race 3 is next week in TygerValley Nature Reserve; another moonlight race but this one is bound to be a beast because of the 'run straight up the mountain' factor. The ascent is about 800m which is tough for me - I am still a newbie runner and struggle with hill endurance but certainly excited about the challenge.

The House:

is still not dry. To the eye the screed looks perfect. The moisture is hidden. Readings are between 200-400 and we need to get them to 150ish. It is taking FOREVER but the readings were originally upwards of 1000 so patience is the only way to deal with this rather massive inconvenience. The fans will be reinstalled on Monday (for the 3rd time) and I do hope Absa will just flipping LEAVE them in until the readings are down. 

On the upside the external walls of our home have been painted and it looks lovely. We have also taken down our fence and finished off the yard with a gate at the bottom of the driveway - it creates so much more space without the fence.

The Kids

Levi is sport mad and loving school. He was well prepared at his preschool and has a good jump start. He is a very social little guy and has made friends easily and merged into school life without a hiccup.

Faith is a bit rattled by all the inconsistencies of our home life; or lack of a home at any given moment in time. She is prone to sudden outburst of tears at any given time. She is tending to overreact to the smallest things but overall she is managing this difficult time very well.

Rachel is well on her way to becoming a teen. She swings wildly from being 'oh so lovely' to being 'oh so horrendously horrid'.  She, too, has pendulum days. I have decided to take the path of least resistance and to just be quiet and let the chips fall where they may. Trying to make sense of the emotions of an almost-12yr old is beyond my field of expertise. As I type she has run into the Estate wailing about how unfair life is. This because I asked her to fold the laundry. Be sure she will be back in 10 minutes like nothing happened....and my laundry will be folded and life will go on.

Russell has resigned from his job. He is a SAP (not police, software) consultant and has been for 20 yrs or so. Life is interesting as we have decided to follow his passion for renewable/sustainable energy and see where it takes us. 

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I am fine. Some people drink wine. I choose to run. RunninIg is my drug of choice. Most of the time I do it because I LOVE it but sometimes I do it to survive. 
I am starting art classes on Tuesday with a friend of mine. I am terrified because I cannot draw ANYTHING. I can make a happy mess but structured art courses scare me.
I have finally found a pilates instructor that does not bore me to death. Her class challenges me beyond anything I have ever done and I look forward to Friday morning classes...hopefully these will be what keep me injury free this year.

I am now off to go eat sushi and watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid with my family. Happy weekend people!


allie. said...

Gee, good summation!

It looks a lot like LIFE: a mix of dificult and wonderful.

But much more good than other - so, for that, YAY!

Misty'sMum said...

Oh lordy, 12 year olds. There are no words...! xx

Ordinarylife said...

Sport is also my drug of choice.

And I am thinking of quitting my art classes. I can draw, but battle with making a happy mess. I want to loosen up a bit and be more creative.

Flowrsinherhair said...

I love this post and glimpses into the day to day stuff. Wowser - already lots happening!!!!

But so awesome!!! All of it!!!!

cat said...

Poor Faith, I would react just like she is! I hate my home upside down. Love all the news, especially Russel's - all the best

And good luck with the art - you know, magic happens outside the comfort zone

Julia said...

I NEED to go back to running. Don't know why I'm being so lazy about it. I am completely getting Faith at the moment. Shame man.
On the upside your home is looking really lovely. Congrats to Russel on his new venture! LOVED this update. xx

ps...I am extremely selective about what I go and see at the movies. It's too expensive to watch rubbish.