11 February 2013

Revival of my WIWT series!

A few years ago (2010) I started a post called What I Wore Today which became known to my regulars as WIWT.

These posts were mainly for retrospective purposes, to look back one day and have a giggle or to appreciate the passage of time.

After paging nostalgically though my blog books I have decided its definitely a keeper and I herewith resurrect WIWT with one of my most comfy summer looks.

Shorts, halter tee and slip slops with a twist.

The Shoes:  Edgars circa 2010 Many of you may recognize the slops ... I bought these in Oct 2010 while on. an anniversary weekend away ... I posted a pic of them and the overwhelming response was one of disgust . I cared not then, nor now! They still rank as one of my favourite pairs everrrrr.

The Shorts:  I bought these last summer at a local chinese store. I absolutely love the cut - high in the front and discreetly long in the butt area. No bum cheek hang-age for me please.

The Halter T: Given to me by Jeannes (aka FlowrsinherHair) back  in 2010. A Ginger Mary classic and one I reach for often in summer.


Ordinarylife said...

I love the look! I also bought a pair of short denim shorts this year and love them too.

cat said...

Love that top, and the pants and still not the shoes....

Love it that you brought the series back, maybe I should too

Lynette said...

Sjoe girl...you have legs for shorts :-P