16 February 2013

Run vs Must Run

Ten days ago, in a flash of madness, I registered for my first half marathon. I am not completely sure what drove me to this irrational decision but it is done.

A friend posted the link to the Milkwood race on my facebook wall - she was suggesting the 10km but casually threw in that there was also a 21km 'for the crazies'. 

I am the very first to admit I am hardly the spontaneous crazy type. I am, by far, the more boring, plan it, give-me-notice type which again leaves me grasping for reasons as to WHY I went and registered for the 21km within minutes of seeing the link. I don't even LIKE road running. 

I had my sights set on the Cape Point trail in November as my half debut. Then this race appeared on my radar and the terrain / route is through the most exquisite area and I decided to JUST DO IT. (thanks Nike)

Here is the kicker - by committing to my Just Do It approach I actually have to run. Often. And longer. With real intent. I have a (mental) program of what needs to happen so that I can finish this race. Let me tell you its been a bit of a mind-game because for a few days I just DID NOT want to run. At all. It was like I was setting myself up to fail. 

I sorted through my mental nonsense and decided to take the pressure off myself. I will run when I WANT to run. If I am not fit enough to do the half I will downgrade to the 10km. Once I had mentally settled this for myself guess what? 

I wanted to run! 

Early Saturday morning I crept out the house and ran for a good 90mins - my longest run to date. I felt strong and could easily have carried on for some time. I was elated, seriously, I was beyond stoked. You have to know that when I started running I could not run 1km without stopping - this has taken time and for me to see this kind of progress is huge.

I think I may have to sort my thoughts regularly when it comes to races - I have this huge dichotemy of wanting to run for fun but am also horribly competitive. I need to IMPROVE all the time otherwise I get mad; but then I get mad and I need to run to vent... so it all kind of works out in the end eh?

I know, call me crazy maybe?


Ordinarylife said...

On Saturday 8 years ago I ran my first 10km ever! Before that I never thought I would be able to run that far. I used to do cross country at school where the races were only 4km and I used to walk quite a bit. I always thought I was better at the shorter sprint distances - like 800m.... Who would have thought that 2 years after that first race I would have done an Ironman.

Enjoy your 21km - you will be fine and I am sure you will actually love it. Well, most of it. There were probably be parts that you wonder what the heck you are doing.

cat said...

I am totqlly in awe of you. Best of luck

Lynette said...

That is just great. Enjoy my friend. I miss the rush running gave me...but have to settle for walking after my back op.

Flowrsinherhair said...

Many people can run 10km (no disrespect intended) but when you do ur 1st 21km - man there is nothing like it. It shifts something deep inside. You will at times be sore. And at times be flying. But you will do it...