10 February 2013

Scenes from a weekend

Friday ended on a rare note....I decided to take my running feet for a pedicure...unlike most people I do not enjoy these. I made it very clear that she could do what was necessary BESIDES the filing part. Filing of nails, be they fingers or toes, does not happen in my world. Ever. Despite this anomaly (and much snickering from staff) my hands and feet ended up looking great. (I threw in a french mani as a reward for sticking out the pedi! ;-)

Saturday started rather abruptly when my alarm went off at 0630. Sadly it wasn't to hit a mountain trail but to head down to school to handle registration for the annual big walk. I have to say that having my game face on at 0730 on a Saturday is a S T R E T C H.....particularly when I have to handle hyper-kids and grumpy parents complaining about the weather! 

kids helping set up the tuckshop for after the walk

Suffice to say I did a stellar job of 'smiling and waving' and then heading home by 830 and straight back to bed due to the fact that I had a raging head-cold.

This was extremely inconvenient as I had not one, but TWO fortieths to attend on Saturday night; and a 15km training run planned for Sunday.

I managed to crawl out of bed and attend both fortieths for which I was very grateful -these women mean so much to me and I was determined not to miss their special celebrations. I was back in bed by 11pm and woke this morning feeling much better. Still stuffy but no longer washed out.

Jeannie's fortieth was an intimate sushi evening for her closest girlfriends - not often I am presented with a choice like this! Definitely a great plan for any future celebrations.

nom nom nom!!!

My friend Lynn, threw a mother of a party with DJ's-lights-camera-action style! This pic of my friend Christa is all blurry and crazy and wild and mad and hysterical and spontaneous and and and. It pretty much sums up the evening!

Blurry photo but captured this moment perfectly!

Sunday morning found us in a church meeting again. (Stef, you would be so proud!) My smallies went off to Kids Rock and Rachel stayed in the meeting with us which was pretty cool. She has decided to volunteer with the kids ministry (18-24mths) and it will be interesting to see how this is handled. I am staying well out of her business and she will go to the 'Involvement Desk' next week and offer her time. I just hope it all works out okay...difficult for me not to 'lay the groundwork or run interference' for her. 

Leaving church I had the most overwhelming desire for a massive steak. We  headed to the 'taste for life' Spur. Not quite sure when this so-called family eatery became so expensive but we came out of there R430 poorer!!! 2 steaks, 3 kids meals and 4 sodas. We will not be going to Spur again for a very long time. Complete and utter rip-off for very average food.

We are still staying with the folks - they are being rather awesome as we suck the life out of their usually peaceful, quiet, calm, noise-free lives (and their bandwidth!)  Had to have a bit of a giggle on Saturday morning when all 3 men ended up dressed almost identically.

Levi going through an 'anti-photo' moment

In other news...Levi lost a top tooth today. Squeamish me has been avoiding looking at his beak for days now as the tooth was dangling around and used to move at odd angles when he spoke to me! Russ nipped it out today and MAN, did it bleed! What is UP with all that blood? It's just cruelty to this parent - I had to literally cover my eyes for a good long while until I girded up my loins and let my boytjie give me a good toothless grin. 

Ouch. Hard to say goodbye to that baby boy smile.

It was time...

Eish, and its done

This is me (note my fav hoodie) . The kids are loving that I am growing my hair and they all take turns playing with it. Both Rach and Faith love to put millions of plaits in while Levi unintentionally assaults me with the brush while I try not to grimace and hurt his feelings.

braid practise

This is NOT me. (note my fav hoodie)   Rach has decided my hoodie is also her favourite hoodie. The time has come where I now need to begin to put boundaries in place around my shoes...and my clothes! 

hmmm, isnt that my top?


ANNE said...

thanks, Mel....love the news and keeping up with your life. Glad you're feeling better.

Stefanie said...

We've been attending Common Ground North for a while now.
Will you as proud of me as I am of you all?