02 February 2013

Silvermine Mast

Russ and I were up at sparrows to go and run in Silvermine this morning. I had arranged for a sitter to be here by 7am so we could avoid getting caught in the heat.

Our (my) aim was to happily jaunt up to the Silvermine mast .... Yes, I know it is at the top of a mountain but I somehow thought there must be a circular, contour path that takes you up in a civilised manner.

I was wrong. We ran about 1.5kms and then we rock/stairclimbed our way up for the next 45mins to get to this magnificent view. I will not lie, this was a serious challenge for me. Even walking up took some toll on this body. I had to sit and recover and also ended up with a cracker of a headache I think due to the freezing wind in my ears near the top. (it was blissfully warm lower down and freezing up top)

About 3/4 of the way up I planted my bum on a rock and declared loudly 'This is NOT FUN anymore!'. At which point my ever-loving man asked if I wanted to turn back. Am sure you can imagine my response.

Unfortunately we were not rewarded with the stellar peninsula views due to heavy mist, which was another kick in the teeth, but we made it and it was a pretty awesome feeling.

The mast came into view every so often through the mist and was happy to get this shot

Our ascent took us an hour - crazy but true. Mainly due to fatigue and the technicality of the rocks.
The descent was obviously way quicker but scary as HELL because one misstep could see you lose your face at best or DIE at worst. :-)

even my dogs were awestruck by the views on our descent as the mist cleared
Yes, not amused, but a coffee well earned!

All in all a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning . Especially now that it is over! ;-)


ANNE said...

You intrepid adventurers!
My full admiration to you both!
You deserve that coffee!!!

allie. said...


Misty'sMum said...

I hope you had plenty of sugar in that coffee to calm those shredded nerves! I wish I could run. I am most definitely built for comfort, not for speed. I do hope your whole domestic situation sorts itself out soon. The poor little'uns. xxx

Vanessa said...

I'm so with you on the "clambering over rocks" portion of your outing, I so would have dug my toes in and said NO! But great views and photos! Also - am totally with you on the whole download/hire movies thing, we are 90% iTunes and the rest Netflix in this house now, it's SO nice not to have to worry about 'who left this disc out' etc. But I'll still go see the "big ones" i.e. the Harry Potters and Breaking Dawns of the movie world on the big screen first. Stuff that requires epic proportions to view it properly! Have you seen the previews for the new Superman movie? "Man of Steel" - starring Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill. *Must.See*

Ordinarylife said...

Well done!

Flowrsinherhair said...

I think this sounds insane... More like a hike! Glad you got home safe and sound!!!!

Julia said...

Sjoe. You are way more adventurous than I am! That view is magnificent though. x