17 February 2013

Sunday Random Photo Post

Scenes from my run
His Valentines day look!
This weekend saw not much other than mooching about. Saturday morning I went for a run and then took kids to the mall to stack up on dvds.
Just another afternoon at Casa de Mama

While they devoured their movies I finished off Homeland S2 and started Damages S1.

Love watching her tap!

All rather civilised really. I did manage to fit in a few swims and a coffee with a friend inbetween screen time.

Valentines message from my little lad.
Oh...did I mention I think I need some reading specs. Tonight, while typing up a post and texting a friend I noticed my eyes felt weird. On a whim I picked up my mom's specs and put them on - it was pretty cool. I could see so much more clearly. Looking forward to finding a pair of my own.

Not everyone is as excited about Valentines buzz!


blackhuff said...

Any reason why your middle child aren't excited about Valentines day?
Love the look into you all's life.

cat said...

Love the little peaks. And well yes, reading specs are psrt of the 40 thing - apparently it is right then when you start needing them

allie. said...

Love the lamming pic!
Captured a typical moment

Lynette said...

Your parents place looks like a place where you can really kick back and relax...awesome.