12 February 2013

Tales of water and tooth fairies

Yesterday I decided to come home for a few hours. I turned off the fans in my studio and just pottered around my space. I tinkered on my pc.  I played with my dogs. I did some washing. I decluttered a shelf in the playroom. I picked up dog poop in the yard. I boiled an egg and made myself some tea. Just stuff that I do on any given morning.

I decided to give the folks some time-out from the busyness that is us. Not that they asked for it - they have been uber-gracious but the confines of the space for all 10 of us (Levi counts as 3) can become overwhelming. The weather was magic so I brought the kids here and let them go CR-A -ZEE in the garden. 

Below the photo sequence is as follows:

Levi suggests they play a game...he limps off and collapse around the side of 
the pool. A wounded soldier or something?
The girls have to save him or something?
But in the end MOTHER appears with her camera and asks
for a posed jump shot.
Children oblige. 
They are are wise like that.

It was such a magnificent evening that we took the kids down to the beach around 5. I decided to test my legs and went for a run. This headcold  hit me hard on Saturday but has eased so quickly and I was able to run strongly even cracking a negative split which is a first for me.

 I was boiling by the end and simply went into the sea with my girls in my gear . Felt alive and optimistic and energised for any more madness that may come my way this week.  

The peace signs are an ode to the girls...who cannot pose without cracking one

And lastly this photo just melts my heart. My rough, tough and relatively street-wise lad still believes in the tooth fairy. I think. He lost a tooth on Sunday and then searched my mom's house for the little ceramic fairies. When I came through to check on him I found him fast asleep, fairy next to him with his tooth propped on her lap. The paradoxical moment just finished me off really.


Julia said...

Ah...what I would give for a sea swim RIGHT NOW!

Flowrsinherhair said...

Ah man great post!!!!

cat said...

Ah Mel, to be at the sea ona random afternoon....

Lynette said...

Oh Mel...that last photo just melts my heart too.