25 February 2013

Term One Madness

There are less than 4 weeks until school breaks up and we head up the Garden Route again. I am so excited for our holiday but before I can begin to think about it.....I have to deal with a schedule that is looking rather daunting.

Projects and Orals due:

Faith 8 March
Rachel 11 March
Levi 12 March

School Outings ie Mel's Taxi Service

Faith 28 February
Rachel 8 March
Levi 14 March

I am up to my neck in assisting with research, making sure their is posterboard and all the necessities that go with making stuff. (these necessities seem to change daily by the way)

Anyyyyway, am pretty sure most of you can relate to this unfolding scenario. The upside is that time will FLY and we will be on holiday in the blink of an eye!


Raine Edwards said...

And now that just reminds me again to stick with TWO kids!

Insurance Loss Adjuster said...

Please do not go out in any rowing boats etc. daddy needs a rest!

Julia said...

I've just had a hectic week filled with tests, speech prep and delivery, mondeling prep and delivery and a HUGE project that had to be handed in today. I am FINISHED! My poor child too. Next week only 3 tests - we'll work through everything tomorrow and then the outings start. I honestly can't wait for the holidays.