13 February 2013

The Saga Continues

Crazy but true.

I wont be moving home tomorrow. Of course not.

Absa have authorised the fans until Monday. I am grateful, don't get me wrong. Ultimately none of this is in their control. That is, the fact that our screed 'appears' to still be moist and yet in other tests it comes out bone dry.

Everyone is mystified.

Because I seem to be the driving force and the only one with an operational brain; I suggested bringing in an engineer. Voila! I get an email in reply (within minutes) saying they have decided to bring in an engineer - like it was their idea. Doh.

The truth be told I am ready to paint this floor with a moisture sealant and lay the laminate on that; that is how sure I am that this screed is ABSOLUTELY fine. Absa came back to me and said that the sealant would be for my account as this is not within the scope of the claim as if I have something to gain! I would have thought they would have been jumping for joy at seeing an end in sight to this claim; ultimately I would have been prepared to sign a waiver.

Apparently not. They would prefer to expend more cost.  At the end of the day it will benefit me greatly to be patient and hopefully get to the bottom of this. An engineer will be able to suss out exactly what is happening and we will be able to move forward with clarity from there. (oh dear God, i hope!)

When we do move back in it is going to be like moving house again! Unpacking boxes and putting furniture back in place - its going to be cause for massive celebration.

For now, at each new juncture, I have learnt that I need to allow myself to shed a few tears then man-up and move on. We are having a great stay with my folks; this time is valuable and some wonderful memories are being stored up in the banks of the kids. It is beginning to feel more like our 'other' home as oppose to a 'stop gap'.

It will be particuarly good to be with them these next few days as Russ is in Botswana for the installation of yet another Sondelier - an amazing daylight solution - at an Engen site in Gabarone.


ANNE said...

lovely blog Mel....

blackhuff said...

I can totally understand your frustration with all this. Not being in one's own home is so stressful and then with claiming for all that need to be done and getting grief from the insurance company. Grrr.
Glad that you're embracing the living together with the parents.

Julia said...

Sjoe honey. I would NOT have handled this as gracefully as you. You NEED to have a HUGE housewarming as soon as you move in. xoxo

cat said...

Ai Mel, you are really being so great about this. Adult and all

Lynette said...

You have scored major brownie points in my eyes for not losing it with ABSA. I can imagine that you are enjoying your parents...but I know that we all need our space.

I see you don't want to allow comments on your latest blog post. So I will just say that I loved reading your church post ♥♥ It is sad that the very people that should be drawing people to become part of church life are the very people that drive people away because of lack of love and prejudices.