07 February 2013

Titles, eish

So last night I drove 2hrs (in traffic) from Noordhoek to Tygerberg so I could run for 40mins. True story. I realised as we raced to the start to make the gun that I had truly crossed over to the dark side - I go to ridiculous length to enable my running obsession.

The run was an INCREDIBLE though. I have never seen that side of the world, in fact many times I have made derogatory comments about the northern suburbs but this evening I saw it in an entirely different light. I will definitely be taking the kids to the Reserve.

The race was 6kms of pure insanity - either straight up to the peaks or vertical descents that required serious balance and nerves of steel. The 4km mark saw everyone walking as it was simply impossible to run such a challenging single track climb; even the walking had my HR sitting at 165!

Nothing glam about me in these pics!! Eish, the hair. >_<
In other news - my poor dogs are taking strain with our separation. I cannot bring them to my moms place as it is not secure. I am hesitant to kennel them as I think it will be far more stressful for them. I spend as much time at home as I can and try to take them running with me at every opportunity.

Dogs battling with the separation

This morning I popped 'over the mountain' with F to Readers Warehouse to buy birthday presents for a friend. We finished earlier than expected and managed to sneak in a visit to FLM . They had a sushi special on at the bar and I nabbed lunch for a steal....small joys. 

Sneaky sushi before school pickups!
In other news.....I have registered for my very first half marathon. A friend invited me to do the Milkwood 10km and I decided to man-up and put myself to the test....21.1km on the road will be a challenge for me as I have never done more than about 14km. Worst case I dont finish....but at least I have a goal and something else to focus on besides the SPECTACULAR disaster that is my home.

Oh...and other exciting news...I ordered my iMac today...the dream is coming true and am very excited. 


Marcelle said...

Well done on the run yesterday….2 hours to the North can only be due to traffic as not usually that far when you drive. I lived there for many years, and really there are some beautiful places…wine farms are the best there…
Good luck with the training for the 21km…you can if I can!! WE ( Hubby ) are entering into this years 21km in September - the one I did before……I also need to challenge myself.
You will love the iMac…..

cat said...

You are a machine girl! Well done on the running. And the poor puppies!

Julia said...

You can soooooo do a half! I am hoping to do one in October or so.

blackhuff said...

I love that you have set a goal for yourself to make you focus on something else rather than the stress of your home. Good luck with the half marathon.
One day I too will join the Apple generation ;)

Joanne said...

Sushi before picking up the kids for lunch OMW its hilarious - sushi in the outback of rural UK is not available off a conveyor belt for 50kms and for this first world problem I feel envious of you xxx

Ordinarylife said...

Well done on registering for your 1st 1/2. You will do great!

Lynette said...

I am so glad you made it for the race.