28 February 2013

Everyday Life

Some days are just crazy mad. Yesterday was one of them. 

Faith had an outing to the South African museum so my day started early. 

While the kids did their tour, my longtime friend KJ, and I decided to sneak off and do something we hadn't done in probably 5 or 6 years....we visited a scrapbooking store! KJ is a very well known designer and creates layouts for all the American mags - she had to collect a delivery of stash from a warehouse in town.

I did buy some 7G stuff for making our holiday album. Never can get enough 7G!

We had a good laugh remembering the old days when we would spend hours pouring over the delightful bits n bobs (I no longer scrap and she gets everything for free now!) It was a great time to just reconnect and enjoy some adult time. Only one person was missing....but we sent this pic to her!

After our jaunt we joined the kids at the Botanical Gardens - feeding the squirrels is always top of the list for these little people.

Faith 'cheers-ing' to the camera!

Long drive back to school. Picked up the other 2 sproggles and dashed home for half an hour - a bit of homework was done. 

The dining table has become the spot of choice for homework. (pity the loo door was open but anyyyyway, this is real life!

Then Levi off to athletics for an hour, back to fetch girls and take them to dancing. All in all a crazy busy (but  good) day. Inbetween dropping and fetching kids from activities I also managed to squeeze in a visit to my sister to collect my race number for Sunday! She is also running in the Fun Trail run, along with my niece, which is very cool. 

I walked into the house just after 5 and my man had picked dinner from FLM for us. We spent a lovely evening chilling and watching Once Upon A Time with the kids. I fell into bed just after 9 and slept, not like a baby, but like a husband!!!! ;-)

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Julia said...

LOVE days like this. Days where everything just falls into place!