14 March 2013

Giraffe House

Today Levi's class had an outing to the Giraffe House, about 20km outside Stellenbosch. It was a long long drive for little (and big!) people. Add to that the fact that it was not far from 40 degrees and you begin to see the possibility for all kinds of discomfort!

My mom was kind (and brave) enough to accompany me on the journey, I really felt I would prefer some adult company along the way and it was really great to have her along...although she severely regretted her clothing choice (jeans and a black T) and spent most of the time safely in the shade of the lapa. (as did many of us!)

I did decide to finally just hold a snake and get it done. I am known to feel very uneasy, sometimes light-headed around these reptiles but today I just felt it was time. I was not afraid however I can safely tell you I am still utterly revolted by them. But not afraid.

The guys giving the talks to the kids about all the different types of animals were highly amusing, even the adults were in hysterics. These guys MADE the outing - without them it would have been hot and dull and lifeless.

The giraffe is known to run along the fence with the kids but she was having none of it today. Just too hot.

The lapa in the background where we spent most of our time.

I am so grateful that I am still able to be available to take Levi on outings and get to know his class like I have with both girls. Even though I bemoan giving up many of my days to drive far and wide I wouldnt have it any other way!


cat said...

Nooooooo you touched a snake. I will NEVER!

Ordinarylife said...

that snake looks like he was getting rather friendly!

I need to organise something in my life that I will be able to do this with Little OL. My mom did it for us and it is not something I want to miss out on.