15 March 2013

Levi's First Sports Day

Today had been eagerly anticipated by Levi and kind of dreaded by the girls. They all feel very nervous before Sports Day but Levi more excited than anything else.

For the first time ever, I had to miss the first hour of events. Of course, in this time both Faith and Levi ran victoriously and my phone was pinging and dinging as my friends gave me blow by blow accounts...accompanied by photos! Good friends hey?

I won't tell you I wasn't gutted. HOW ON EARTH did it happen that I could miss his first sports day? Argh, horrible.

Thankfully, the boy that he is, is not deterred by my absence and not once has he even mentioned it.

Faith striding to victory

Levi pinching victory in the closing moments

By the time I arrived, rain had delayed sports and all the kids were transported back to school to finish the team events in the hall. Thankfully the dreaded parent races have been replaced by a mixed team (moms and dads) relay - which we won for the Green team. I was dreading the moms race as my kids EXPECT me to win each year and I just did not feel like running this year.

Happy lad!

I had to laugh when we came home and he was sticking his Gold (firsts) stickers in his book and he remarks :

"Next year I need to make sure I come in first, second and third so I can get gold, silver and bronze"

Truly in it for the fun and not necessarily the win. 


Angela Le Gonidec said...

Wow you guys have been bust, well done to you with he snake. I couldn't even look at the pictures so Im not quite at the point of holding one but hopefully one day. We loved Giraffe house, it's such a great place. We are very lucky to be able to spend these special times with our kids. Have a great week x

Angela Le Gonidec said...

Should have been "busy"

blackhuff said...

I can hear you are super proud of Levi and I'm so happy for you and your son :)
He did great.

cat said...

Great going for both of them.

Ordinarylife said...

Only gold is so boring!