04 March 2013

Milkwood Half Marathon

 430am. On a Sunday morning. NEVER did I think I would see the day that I would leap out of bed (well, not quite but almost) to get ready to go run 21.1km. Never.

The Milkwood half marathon must be one of the most spectacular races in the country. I can honestly say that the views took my breath away. We ran a very steady and comfortable pace which left us plenty of space to absorb our surroundings.

I did my fastest 10km to date and was feeling really strong at that point. Revoltingly, I got a stitch around 13km and had to push through that horrid pain until about 16kms when it miraculously disappeared. The going was good again until the 18km mark where my legs started to hurt. Like a lot.

I was getting that "OMISHATTERED NERVES" feeling just after the 20km mark when I spotted my sister and niece (they ran the Fun Run much earlier) standing on the sideline waiting for me - I was not expecting this and was so overwhelmed with delight. Their cheering and support carried me over the finish line looking strong! (but the hammies and glutes were singing a tearful song)

My niece and my sister - so enjoy having them as part of the run scene with me

Flowrs and I crossed the line together at about 2hrs23. We started running trail together just short of a year ago - this 21km was never a goal but we both spontaneously entered at the last minute and just did it - so proud of us. For me, a first, for her a re-entry into half marathons after a 7 year absence from running.

Could NOT have pulled it off without this special chick!

Chilling after the race - am in MIGHTY PAIN in this pic - those legs are burning like FIRE
My stauch suppporters who are convinced I can do anything !

My family has been amazing; supporting me every step of this journey. Levi did express some concern that I may die while running 21.1km so I do think he was exceptionally pleased to see me at the end. This was shortlived though when I refused to share my Coke with him. (seriously? i was thirsty people!!!)

This was a pivotal day for me. I could not wipe the smile off my face all day long. To have committed to something and actually followed through is a big deal for me. I suck at commitment but maybe I don't anymore! ;-)


Lynette said...

Well done Mel...that is amazing.

Ordinarylife said...

YAY!! I knew you could do it. Well done. Now you can no more say you only do sprints.... :-)

cat said...

Mel! Well done! WOw!

Julia said...

Ah my friend. Sooooo proud of you. Congrats! You are totally inspiring me to get my A into G. xx

Flowrsinherhair said...

You were totally the BOMB.COM
I can't tell you how stoked I am that you did it. That we did it!!! It was the best. Hurt like hell but worth it!!!

Great first 10km's heading back to my old times felt good!

Won't be forgotten in a hurry!!!