01 March 2013

Our Imminent New Normal

A special guy, as each year passes I appreciate him more!

Our lives are going to change shortly. Russ only has 10 working days left as a salaried contractor. For almost 20yrs he has been (for want of a better word) a business analyst of sorts. Contracting to companies all over the world and bringing in a steady, very comfortable income. 

Alongside this fulltime position, he has been building his own business. His days start at 430am when he goes to gym. He gets to his office by 630am. He works until 330pm and then comes home. He spends time with us all, we have dinner and then his nights are spent building his own business until the wee hours. This has been the pattern for the last 2-3 years.

As a couple we decided last year that he would leave his contracting position and pursue his passion in the area of renewable energy. Ruach (which means New Breath) was born a few years ago with the help of a business partner in PE and it has shown real potential. The time has come for Russ to throw in all his efforts to ensure its success.

On 20 March, the school breaks up, he works his last day and we leave on holiday for Knysna. When we come back we start a new normal. One where he is home and can take kids to school in the mornings. Where we are not bound by the 'curse of the hourly rate' ; where he can go watch cricket matches and dance rehearsals, he can help with homework and outings. 

The 'unstructured' feel of this new normal will obviously have to develop into something more structured as time goes on. For now though we are feeling some trepidation but mostly just excitement at this new phase of life.


Ordinarylife said...

Good luck to all of you. I am sure that is will be fabulous and the kids will love having him around more.

Enjoy your holiday.

blackhuff said...

The work life that your husband have now, is identical to the one my husband have at his present company. Same hours, etc.
I wish you all good luck in the new things you are all going to embark on in the near future. May God bless it.

LG said...

That's so exciting! I am even excited for you and him - be lovely for the children to have him around for those daily goodies!

All the best with the "new normal!"

ANNE said...

Exciting times Mel.....wishing you all the blessings and enjoy!

Raine Edwards said...

Yay, excited for this new season... and love the pic of you guys. It says a lot... :-)

Lynette said...

LOL! I know that feeling. Excitement over the unknown and at the same time that unnerved feeling of fear for the unknown.

Wishing you all the success you dream of for you and Russ.

cat said...

Amazing oppertunity! Wishing him huge success in such a wonderful area