17 March 2013

Weekend Roundup

I have spent many hours with my new toy but I am not the only one having lots of fun with it! 

Photo Booth makes for awesome entertainment

This little lady surprise me! She gave me a list of ingredients and then proceeded to BAKE A CAKE! All I helped with were showing her how to measure out ingredients. The cake was delicious - am so impressed with her. Bizarrely she seems to love the whole kitchen scene. I am encouraging this relationship.

Our little baker in the making

This is the scene I woke up to on Saturday - just too sweet. 

Levi and Honey share a moment

After a particularly busy Saturday I really felt the need to get out and run. It's been a week and my body was aching and moaning at me. True story. I needed to run. 10kms in I stopped to take this image - truly magnificent. I do realise that some reflective running gear should probably be on my list soon!

Coming up Black Hill drive

What better way to spend time on a Sunday than with all my kids and my nieces - we paid a visit to our favourite ice-cream parlour....yet again...this could become a tradition!


This little guy had 3 parties this weekend but only managed 2. A bit like his mom....overcommitted and then had to bail on one of them! This one was a survivor theme and it was super-cool watching all these little dudes get there survivor on!

Boys and sticks = hours of fun

Still doing my best to encourage Rach to run with me. It is not something that she would choose but I am insisting. I still strongly believe that (especially) at her age she needs to be more physically active. There was some negotiating.....

"you wanna watch a movie on Sunday arvie? Sure! Run 3kms with me first!"

She calls me a bully. ;-)  I have promised her that if she hasnt fallen in love with running by the time she leaves home she never has to do it again....The eye-rolling that followed was pretty stellar.

Off to earn the movie!

I have to tell you that once I had her 'wired' with my run playlist and endomondo cheering her each km of the way she got really into it and was so amped when it was done. She took a cold shower and came downstairs glowing. (told you so....but I didnt say it!)

And just in case you guys are thinking 'overzealous mean mom' I am only asking her to run twice a week...hardly a chore!

I will confess that I do harbour the dream of having a family that runs. That we will go on holidays and weekends away and find awesome unchartered territories and RUN. We shall see.....


Stefanie said...

Twas lekker catching up on you rnew sonce again.
I don't understand the need to run, but ok, as long as you all love it eventually.

blackhuff said...

I love how you are negotiating with her to run :) I am learning - gonna do this with my son too.

cat said...

There is no doubt in my mind that kids should be active and that it is to an extend our responsibility to see to it. (BTW A has that same tie-die dress/top in the first picture.)

Ordinarylife said...

I am also trying to instil activity at a young age. When I get back from a run on the weekends I take Little OL around the block with me - she loves it. But then at 3 she still wants to do what I do.