11 March 2013

Weekend Running

Weekend in Review

I did get to run on Saturday. But not a trail. And not with the man. But any run is better than none, yes?

We headed down to the wetlands area near our home and we all (me, the man and my 6yr old son) ran a couple of loops - roughly 3kms - it was very hot and even though the little man is highly motivated I did think that was enough for him!

The boys drove home and I decided to run the 5.5kms home as a tempo run. This run 'jargon' is all new to me but I think a tempo is simply running a faster pace than usual? I basically aimed at running around 5.30 per km and then slowing down for a minute and picking up again for another km.

My phone battery died before the end of the run but I was still able to see most of my splits and I was happy. Pretty damn tired but happy.

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