11 March 2013

Weekend with a difference

Both girls decided to go on a camp, run by the local Baptists,  in Noordhoek this weekend. It was Faith,s first camp and there was much excitment tempered with a healthy dose of nerves. Arrival was not good as kids had swopped dorms and she ended up in a dorm with 6 girls she didnt know. She was totally ready to come home with me (I dont blame her!) but I was assured all would be sorted out. She ended up staying the whole weekend but came home in two-minds as to whether she will attend again. (her mothers child...)

Rachel, on the other hand, had an absolute ball. She is all about her friends and getting away from home. As it should be at her age I think!

Levi was LESS than impressed that he was not able to go - I could have probably sent him but there are plenty of camp years ahead for him and I was just not ready yet. I promised him a weekend to remember and he made sure I delivered!! >_<

Friday evening the boys watched HUGO while I escaped to watch something that I cant remember....ahem.

Saturday morning we hiked up Elsies Peak - a simply breathtaking morning and a hike I haven't done before.

Holding tight to my lightweight in case he blew off the peak!

Came home and chilled - watched some of the latest season of Biggest Loser which I LOVE. Even Levi got quite into it! Of course, loafing around for too long is not what he considers 'a weekend to remember' and his greatest desire was that we take him for a run. (really, I am not making this up)

There were moments of walking...but very few.

We headed off to the wetlands area and ran a couple of loops - 3.3kms in the heat of the day but he loved every minute of it. The boys then went off the mall to get cardboard for his rhino project while I ran home.

He is going to make a steller running companion very soon!

The evening was spent watching Life of Pi - what a movie. If you only see one this year - Life of Pi should be it.

Sunday was the Argus which meant nothing happened here. The rhino project was completed, a few episodes of BL and we fetched two exhausted girls from camp.


blackhuff said...

You all had a wonderful weekend :)
I love that your kids are so active. That they follow in their parent's footsteps.
That is such a gorgeous sight on your hiking trail. One day I will also experience that more often that not at all :)

ANNE said...

I,m sure Levi will always remember this weekend! :)

Ordinarylife said...

What a gorgeous trail.

Little OL's also loves it if I take her running. Normally on the weekend I will take her around the block when I get back from a race. A good cool down for me and she is happy. We walk run, but I would say it is probably just under a km which is pretty good considering she has only just turned 3.