22 April 2013

Catching Up Part 1

The weeks have flown by since my last post. I keep procrastinating because there is 'too much' to tell so  I will be filling in the bits with the aid of a few photo posts to help tell the stories.

These two play exceptionally well together when left to their own devices. A favourite game remains Masterchef...with playdoh. The only sucky part is they like me to be the judge and I HAVE to choose a winner. Without fail, I agree and someone always ends up near tears cos I didnt choose them. *sigh*

My Ouma is moving up to Johannesburg soon. My Oupa is very frail now and needs close-care so they are moving in with my aunt. Took the kids to visit and it was really a very special time.

The pre-teen gets her own desk - hopefully these exams will see her studying in her room - as oppose to the living area....where she expects the entire family to 'sssssshhhhhh' while she studies!!

Good times on the beach with my boy - killing time while Faith is at dancing. These lovely autumn days are just wonderful - both hounds and boy just devour time on the beach.

We like our occasional walks too. 

Started speed work this week - knocked the stuffing out of me. 

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cat said...

Love the pic of you and the hubby. And the little catch up in total. How are you coping with the floors thing?