17 April 2013

Fair Weather

Last year I described myself as a 'fair-weather' runner. I do not run in howling gales or torrential downpours.

That changed last night.

 I ran in darkness on the Constantia mountain despite The Worst weather I have seen in Cape Town in a long time. The rain and wind were off the hook but we were not alone, about 100 other runners joined for the race in the Merrell Night Series.

There was much merriment, comaraderie and backslapping going on. The word 'hardcore' was bandied about regularly.

I didn't do this race because I am a hardcore runner who thrives in extreme weather.

Truth is it was tough, really tough. Running in mud up to your shins, rain blinding you and wind almost flattening you takes a fair amount of determination and a healthy dose of humour.

I ran because I can. I ran because thousands of others would love to be out there. I ran to process my anguished thoughts for those afflicted by Boston. I ran for Martin's dad. I ran to join a community worldwide who are shattered but not broken.


ANNE said...

Nice one Mel - proud of you!

cat said...

Well said Mel! In total awe of you

Ordinarylife said...

Very well done!

allie. said...

"I ran because I can"
"I ran for . . ."

Gosh Mel, these words moved me to tears.
They marked me.

You are a writer
As well as a runner
And a wonderfully compassionate human being.

Flowrsinherhair said...

you are awesome!!!

4 the hunts said...

Lovely and inspiring lady you are! Chilling words and thoughts, you are so right! Xx