05 April 2013

Part Of Me

For a short while now I have been running another blog on the side.

I felt the need to do this as I didn't want to bore people with all the 'run speak' that goes on in my world. I wanted a place to post photos, results and debrief about each experience - be it a training run, a race or just cool running gear/accessories!!

While driving yesterday I had the alarming realisation that I was separating who I am from my personal blog. The very blog I started to chronicle our lives - the self same one that I print so that one day my kids (and I) can look back and understand who we were as a family and as individuals.

How can I leave this huge gap? And why am I concerned about what other people find 'interesting reading' - this blog isn't even public anymore!


I re-integrated all my posts from my other blog into this one and shut down CapeRunnerGirl for good.

Running is part of me. I will be posting about it here, probably more often than not.


Ordinarylife said...


Marcelle said...

I think the best!!
You are who you are...a mom...a runner....a wife....scrapbooker.....all, so continue here and share...xx

Angela Le Gonidec said...

So pleased you decided to do this, from what I can tell it is very much a part of you and anyone who follows your blog should definitely be able to appreciate that side of you too. :-)

Lynette said...

I am glad...I wouldn't like to read only a fraction of what you are about :-P