03 April 2013


We had a great family breakaway. We spent 6 nights just outside Plettenberg Bay - we did not do much (unlike our last Garden Route holiday!) and chose to live slowly and quietly.

I can summarise our time at MoonShine in these words:

  • jacuzzi time (not me, but the boys loved it and occasionally the girls)
  • Amazing Race - watched hours of it
  • Survivor S20 - Heroes vs Villians (we all LOVED it!)
  • reading - particuarly The Elephant Whisperer and The Last Rhino
  • Woolworths clothes shopping with the kids (suddenly got chilly)
  • learning to weave at Old Nicks
  • naps
  • monopoly (starting well, ending badly)
  • Old Maid (always bad and eventually banned!)
  • endless Taylor Swift, One Direction and lots more pop music
  • farmstall coffees and visit to the cows/calves
  • discovering and falling in LOVE with Natures Valley
  • lagoon and trail running in the forest
  • visits with my bro/sil and nieces
From there we eagerly headed across to Mcgregor to visit my folks. It has been a long time since our last visit, a good 3 months! Our time there sounds a bit like this:

  • Survivor S20 continued into S22
  • Introducing Levi to James Bond
  • Easter hunts
  • Walks, runs and bike rides
  • my first Qigong class
  • reading,drawing and sleeping
  • brunches at Temenos
  • cuddles with the dogs
  • lots of teasing, laughing and sharing 
All in all a restful and rejuvenating time!

*pictures will be uploaded later this week


Vanessa said...

My boys are *SO* into James Bond too - even the really retro ones from the 70's! Glad you had a nice break. We're just back from one too (in Wales) it was *awesome* ! Wish we could still be there - was so chilled.

blackhuff said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday. Living slowly and just enjoy relaxing. Not doing much.

Russell said...

Creating perfect moments And memories!

Lynette said...

Sounds wonderful. I don't like and therefore don't do board games...I call them bored games.

I have the Elephant Whisperer and two Murder Mysteries packed for our Natal holiday.

cat said...

I have been thinking if it was time to introduce the Princess to James Bond or if it's too soon?

Your holiday sounds blissfully wonderful!