08 April 2013

Weekend in Review

What a great weekend.

It started on Friday with breakfast with a longtime friend that I met when Rach was very little. As our kids grew up and went to separate schools our lives drifted apart. I was so thankful to be back in touch with her - her newly found passion for running was the calling card!

We chatted ad nauseum about injuries, books, races and running blogs. I was able to share some of the little things I have learnt over the last 18months and it was just so good to see her totally enthused. Hopefully we will stay in contact as she joins my Thursday morn trail group for newbies.

The kids went to a stunning clay workshop after breakfast. I am lucky enough to know a wonderful art teacher (who is also in my trail run group!) who is passionate about clay. The kids had a fabulous time and came home with some fun pieces. Their Term 1 projects will be fired soon and they each made a teapot based on the Alice in Wonderland theme - so I will soon have a triptych of novel pots that are actually usable.

Saturday morning came with scattered showers and grey skies. I was ecstatic! I was photographing my brothers wedding.....on a beach...at 1030 and my worst nightmare was full blazing sunlight. The wedding was just beautiful. It was a small, intimate affair with a touch of whimsy shown in the small touches.

Kids and my niece
I will post more pictures of the wedding once the happy couple have seen them - I am still busy with edits so it will be a while; suffice to say I am happy with them. Sure, there were some things I would do differently next time but overall I think they will find some images worth displaying! 

Sunday the man had to fly to Jhb for work and I stayed in my pjs until 1pm. We then suited up and went to see The Croods - a really fun movie and a great way to wrap up the closing moments of the school holidays.

Now - to get some work done before the clock strikes 1330!


Lynette said...

I can't wait to see the wedding photos...that was my dream...a beach wedding.

blackhuff said...

It's so cool that you have connected with that friend again. I like that you have a train running group for newbies. I so wish I was nearer to you :( Jeez!
My son so want to see The Croods. Shame, but we're just a bit too hectic at the moment. School starting tomorrow, hubby needs to go on business trip next week. Grrrr.

cat said...

Oh it does sound like a great weekend. I would love to see those beach wedding photos!