15 May 2013

Birthday Season

Next week is Faiths birthday which marks the beginning of the madness for the next month which sees Rachel and Levi also celebrating their birthdays.

Levi will have a party this year. The girls will not. I am so over the party scene I could bust a gut. Three in a month every year is just ridiculous.

That is NOT to say we will not celebrate - the girls will obviously be able to have a couple of kids over for a movie/pizza or something exceptionally low-key but there will be no invitations and razz-matazz this year.

Next year Rachel turns 13 and Faith will be 10. There will be celebrations for sure.

I chatted with Rach this morning about what she would like for her birthday and was rather stunned at the response.....

'Nothing mom. I have everything I need.'

Pardon? What?

Her friends all have cellphones so I was almost expecting a conversation around a blackberry but she insisted she DOES NOT want a cellphone.

Her take on cellphones?

'they are annoying because people message you all the time and the responsibility of keeping it safe, charged and on is not worth it'.

She certainly still has the ability to leave me speechless.


Marleen Swart said...

Rach sounds a lot like my son. He too don't want a cellphone. He thinks it's too much responsibility to keep it safe and he isn't much of a talker via phone, Whatsapp nor BBM. Enjoy it because I am sure these rascals of ours, will be asking for them later on :)

ANNE said...

What great kids!

Insurance Loss Adjuster said...

Rachel I am proud to be the grandfather of a girl as wonderful as you.

Julia said...

Oy. She doesn't take after her Mama! Joshua only wants a mobile phone so he can play games on it.