11 May 2013

Busy Saturday

Weekend playdates are simply not in our frame. We don't do them. This Saturday, however, I decided to let the kids all invite mates over. I realised our weeks are SO busy that none of them get to engage with their mates outside of school.

The result was surprising. It was a wonderful time for all of us. We were each able to get on with whatever we pleased. The grown-ups pottered and did bits around the house.

The preteens walked the dog, surfed the net, baked a cake and played Cluedo.

The tweens set up treasure hunts and drew and just hung out.

The boytjies played soccer, practised slingshot skills, trampolined and played gogos for ages.

This is definitely going to be a more regular occurence - no rush, no agenda and just time on our hands for each person to indulge in some of their favourite activities.

Each doing whatever they please

Getting trickier to photographer the preteens but this is a goodie

I was able to set up our workspace for school and order her books
The afternoon saw a good friend of mine come through with her two precious little poppets. It was so lovely to watch Rachel engage with the little ones - she made sure they were safe and had suitable toys within reach. I am extremely proud of the way she rises to this responsibility when young children visit our home.

She was particularly taken with this little poppet and I think the feeling was entirely mutual!

Happy times at Cafe Roux

Raine and I were well able to relax for the most part and enjoy each others company while the girls were taken care of although I was still aghast at how hands-on this age it for the young moms! It is AMAZING how quickly you forget - pretty exhausting!

Car waving never ceases to appeal

A busy happy day for everyone!


Misty'sMum said...

It's funny, we don't usually have Sarah's friends round on weekends because I always think weekends are *family* time. As it turned out, friends were desperate for a few days away and their daughter is staying with us today (Sunday) and Monday. Their daughter is a little older than Sarah, but they get on really well. I was a bit hesitant as I felt it might encroach on our 'family' time, but actually it's been really lovely. Sarah, Rosie and I sat on the couch and watched rubbish tv while Haydn fiddled with his computer, chipping in with comments on how cheesy the movie was. It was great, we had a lot of laughs and I think my habit of not having friends over on weekends is cured.

Raine Edwards said...

Mel, your girls are an absolute delight! You should be proud!