16 May 2013

Creating space

First off :

Charly slept through the night! Hoooooray! This means, of course, she was awake at 530am but I can handle that...it will get better from here. The house-training continues but we are making progress.

It was kind of lovely to be able to lounge around in bed for a FULL hour with my man, drinking tea and chatting before waking the kids up and getting on with the day. Definite up sides to this 'work from home' deal.

I have learnt (quite quickly I think) that I CAN share space and I DON'T have to have time alone every day! Funny how we tell ourselves things that simply are not true? 

This morning I  created a 2 hour space for myself to go for a run with a friend and then to meet another friend for a coffee. I am under no illusion that neglecting running and time with friends will ruin me so I am prioritising pockets of time for myself as necessary. Success in this new lifestyle ultimately depends on knowing my weaknesses and managing them wisely.

This 'gap time' entailed prepping Faith on her work schedule - Maths and English. I made sure she had enough to keep her busy from 830-930.  She is completely self-motivated and able to work independently.

At 945 -1045 she had a Home Ec lesson scheduled - her teacher comes to our home every second Thursday to work with her. This term she is learning to knit and is happily working away right now on a 'Polly Pocket' blanket for her sister. The next project is fingerless gloves and ultimately we hope to have legwarmers for ballet by July!

I arrived home after a beautiful run along the beach and my 'friendship tank' full. Found these two lovely ladies chatting up a storm and knitting away.

Good times. :-)


Anonymous said...

Is the teacher from school and has free time to come to faith? Do you have any other outsiders teaching her?

Marleen Swart said...

It's very cool that the teacher comes on over to teach her this type of lessons.
That time you have with your husband before the kids wake up, sounds absolutely perfect. Me and hubby will have that for 2 weeks in June/July and I can't wait :) Love my children but couple time is just as lovely.
Glad you schedule time for yourself for runs and with friends.

Flowrsinherhair said...


Angela Le Gonidec said...

Ike you are finding your rhythm with this, sounds great x

Julia said...

Love that you are finding your groove. You are such a rock chick. I really admire you. xoxo