17 May 2013

Creative Explorations

I went out last night. Much to the shock and horror of my sproggles.

'Mom, where are you going?'

'You mean, out out? Like out the house? But it's dark?'

'Are you coming back?' (???)

'Where ARE you going? When will you be back? Why cant you do this in the day?'

I am not quite sure if I should be alarmed or amused at their reactions. Suffice to say I did go out - to an art class run by a good friend of mine. Her enthusiasm spills over and she managed to get me to agree to trying out a silkscreening class. 

Terrifying really. Especially as my design is horrifically complicated and I now realise just how tricky it is going to be to execute but anyyyyyyway - it is all good.

A rough design with proposed colourway of silver, emerald and violet
But am going to swop the emerald and silver around.

I really enjoyed doing something new. Something I had never done before. Creative, messy and free.

Preparing the screen - the shellac taking FOREVER to put down.

I have no real idea what I am going to do with the print but probably cushions for my bed. Maybe I will be fonder of them if they are handmade by me. Am not a fan of cushions - I find them intensely annoying as they always look a mess in my house because REAL {messy} PEOPLE live here.


Ordinarylife said...

Silkscreening is also something I would like to try but am scared off. I used to see the art students and my school doing it all the time and it was intriguing.

cat said...

Oh its a beautiful design! My kids had to get used to me going to bookclub once a month

Julia said...

LOL...I can't stand cushions either. They are never where they are supposed to be. I like what you've done though. xx