21 May 2013

Faith Turns 9

Our sparkly fiery fairy is 9!

After an all-nighter with Levi presenting a totally unexpected awful croup attack I was feeling rather fragile at the dawn of Faiths birthday this morning.

Lava lamp for her dad was a big hit!

There was so much anticipation around her and I spending time together; I was somewhat nervous about her reaction to finding her brother ill in my bed....

Pressies in Mom's bed (note the nebuliser in action!)
She was so gracious and very concerned by his barking cough. We quickly decided today would be a 'home day' with all the kids staying put and  pottering at home. Rachel is knee-deep in revision and we decided she could stay home too. Levi bounced back quickly and  greatly improved by mid-morning.

Showing off her harem pants!

Faith was just stoked to have all her siblings home on her birthday and declared today her best birthday ever!
Dads little gal

Breaking in the art journal

  • She worked in her new leather art journal. 
  • She played with Charly
  • She helped Rachel learn to knit and they spent hours making things for their animals.
  • They watched Home Alone 4 and some Brady Bunch.
  • Toasted cheese sarmies for lunch.
  • 3 Hour sleeps for Levi and I in the afteroon while she and Rach did puzzles and drew.
  • Dinner at the Spur with all the trimmings and sparkles.
  • Finally home to round out the evening with an episode of Modern Family
Lumo girl in her new dance gear

These 3 really do dig each other 
Happy evening at Spur
Am so enjoying my people these days - even in my frazzled, sleep deprived and somewhat anxious state (am not good when Levi is chesty).


Ordinarylife said...

I am glad that she enjoyed her birthday! It is great that your kids all get along so well.

Raine Edwards said...

I absolutely LOVED reading this post!

cat said...

Ah you found the much wanted harem pants!

Happy happy Bday to her (my 8 year old also wants a lava lamp)

LG said...

Such nice pics - looks like a really great day that she had. :)