15 May 2013

Finding our Groove

Our days have naturally begun to evolve.

Despite popular opinion we felt no need to take an 'unschooling' season. We have easily adapted into a pattern of work that suits us.

Our basic schedule looks like this at the moment:

1. Eye exercises (10mins)

2. Mathematics (up to 30mins sometimes longer)

3. English can take many forms : read aloud, self reading, comprehension, copy work, poetry  or grammar / language worksheets.

We have touched on other sciences this week which have included:

History - Reading Modern Day Hero series (Anne Frank) and discussing the Holocaust.

Geography - using our world map to locate all the countries involved in WW2

Science - introduction to electricity, building a circuit, conductors and understanding how traffic lights work. 

We have looked at basic capacity measures while baking as well as estimations.

What have I learnt this week?

Watching her reading about Anne Frank has show me how much she loves to learn about people - their experiences, achievements, challenges and circumstances. With this knowledge I will begin to look at history/geography and science through the eyes of people who lived in the eras we plan to study.

I have also seen the capacity for retaining information is directly proportional to their interest in the subject.

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