22 May 2013

Highlights in an Ordinary Day

Wednesday. Just another day.

  • I invited my neighbour (the one who was burgled a month ago) over for coffee. I REALLY like her; she is my age with a Gr 4 daughter and is super funny, quirky and creative. She does freelance design for magazines. I only booked out an hour in my diary to be safe..you know...in case it was awkward but HELL NO, we need more time for our next visit! 

  • I also pottered up the road to another neighbourr; I helped set up a US iTunes account so she can download all kinds of wonderful free apps for her daughter. I love little impromptu gaps in my day where I can to see people and hang out guilt-free. 

(yes, all the while Faith was being educated in my absence so settle down people)

  • Faith's grade 4 math and language curriculum arrived yesterday - looks 'totes amazeballs' and we are going to have many hours of fun with it. 

  • While Faith went to tap I grabbed the opportunity to go for a quick 6k run. It sucked eggs. Running at 3pm just does not work for me. It was bordering on miserable really but still glad I did it. Sometimes it is just about the discipline. 

  • Faith ended up at x-ray after tap. Two weeks ago she hurt her big toe badly - a dislocation I am sure . We have been taping it and using anti-inflams and have stopped ALL dancing (tap, modern, ballet) but yesterday she was ready to try tap. Hells-bells she was in pain so I decided (for her peace of mind) to rule out any fracture / infection.

Bottom line is that only time and rest will heal this toe. Dancing for her (5x a week) is like running for me. She is beyond gutted, grumpy and upset that this injury is holding her back. 

Interesting times. A real opportunity for growth and beginning to understand how to forge through disappointment and unexpected obstacles.

And for those you really cared....my new boots!!! Love 'em dearly.


Heathcote Safari said...

Love them boots!

ANNE said...

Love the boots!
Kiss Faithie's toe for me!
Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Marleen Swart said...

Shame, poor Faith. Such a foot can be so sore :(
Glad you had a wonderful time with your neighbour. It's nice when you click so instantly with someone, that it's no effort at all.

Kim Barty said...

Those boots girl! Covet....
Strength and patience to Faithy

Anonymous said...

Shame poor Faith, its going to be tough. 5 times a week, wow!
Love the boots.

Flowrsinherhair said...

Shame man - not nice ESP in her bday week! Love the boots and ur week sounds just perfect

Stefanie said...

Stunning boots, look tiny though.

cat said...

Ok, I need those boots....
Sorry abou the injury and is it not fantastic to find a potential friend just next to you