08 May 2013

It's Not Always As It Seems

About five months ago Russell moved heaven and earth to get 3 Bieber tickets for us to take Levi to see this remarkable lad. The euphoria was contagious and the counting of months, weeks and days began.

Tonight was the night. But we are not there.

Yesterday I just had a real sense of unease. I did not want to go.  Aside from that I felt Levi had outgrown his interest in Justin Bieber even though he still occasionally enjoys his music. I went to Russell and told him I simply did not want to go.

He looked at me blankly and asked why. I could not really give him one answer and I had to just say - ' 'well, I don't have a good feeling in my gut. I just dont want to go. Period.'

He was not amused. Or impressed. Non-commital is the word I would use.

Undeterred I went to Levi to test the waters.

I called him outside and he skipped along while reminding me it was only One More Sleep until the show. My stomach cartwheeled but I forged ahead.

'Buddy, do you REALLY still want to go see Bieber?'

(immediately suspicious) 'WHY you asking me Mom?'

'Well, times have changed since we bought the tickets and you do seem to have moved on a bit, you know? There are other things that are much more important to you now, dont you think?'


'Like sport? How about if we swerve Bieber and give you some CASH (the magic word right now) in your hand and take you to Sportsmans Warehouse? We can then go out for dinner - the girls can still go sleep at Gran so it will still just be us and you?'

(his eyes lit up like little sparklers and his gummy grin melted my heart)

'YESSSSSS! That is so much better. (pauses thoughtfully) How MUCH cash Mom?'

Um, will R300 work for you?

(trippling around like a little bokkie) 'Yes!' (fist pump into the air)

'Deal! Lets go tell Dad!'

We sold the tickets at full price within five minutes.

This evening we did as planned.  For his cash he came home with a basketball, a slingshot, 4 cones for soccer dribbles, a Stormers cap and a mouth guard! Steers burgers for supper and couch time with Dad watching Home Alone.

My heart is full. And I learnt that sometimes the 'perceived' dreams of our kids have little more to do with the fact that it may mean Time Alone with Their Parents.


Stefanie said...

I saw you were selling tickets on FB.
Glad it all worked out happily for the 3 of you.
Time with the parentals is priceless indeed!

ANNE said...

Much better value for your money! :)

cat said...

Oh gosh it is so very very true. (Of course my A thinks Bierber is stupid - now if it was ABBA rising fromthe death.... she would rather be at Bon Jovi). But time alone -that is crucial. And that is also our big problem - with 3 kids and no grandparent that can really help is is a way too scarse commodity

Flowrsinherhair said...

Agreed much much better value!!!!

Misty'sMum said...

This really made me smile :) SO much better than a Bieber concert! I'd have gone for the R300 also!