29 May 2013

Midweek Thoughts

Monday seems a long time ago. I almost need to go to Facebook to read my statuses so I can remember what happened back then!

Faith has resumed piano lessons - I was amazed (as was her lovely teacher) how much she remembered from her early lessons around a year ago. I was also so pleased to see her enthusiasm return - whereas in the past learning piano was a noose around her neck.

I had to laugh the other evening. I invited my dear husband downstairs (away from his desk) to come and have a quiet cuppa with me. We even snuck into my studio and left the kids in the lounge. Well....within seconds the three of them were on us like white on rice - laughable really. Instead of getting annoyed I had to smile and be thankful that they still enjoy hanging with the parentals - long may it last.

Little characters
I received my Konos Volume 1 curriculum on Monday - I managed to get a second hand one for a song. It came with dvds outlining the methodology (watched in the bath of course!)

 I was blown away and am so thrilled to have uncovered this gem. I have been exposed to Konos before as many of my friends use it but I never fully grasped the power of this curriculum. It's a lifestyle of living that speaks to my core and re-awakened in me aspirations I had for my family many years ago that had become dormant.

My morning went slightly pear today as I hopped in the car at 0750 to take kids to school. Click click.
Dead battery. Argh. Annoying because the battery is less than a year old!

Much excitement in the ranks though as they have been wanting to walk to school for ages and the opportunity had yet to arise. Today was the day.

It was super fun although marginally stressful as my kids are total hackers and not used to major traffic and we have a doozy intersection to navigate. Even in a car it can be stressful, on foot it had us all in hysterics and many of the drivers were very entertained and amused.

Faith was particularly affronted when I said that people were not accustomed to seeing 'whiteys' walking on large public roads to school.

'Thats so rude Mom. You don't have to rub it in that we are white. 
You can just say white not whiteys!"

Er, okay.

This one was posed

This one was not posed.

Happy to report the car is up and idling again so this afternoon I shall NOT be walking my kids to soccer or tap practice (yes, they wanted me to do that!)


Lynette said...

Wonderful memories to hold on to. Glad the kidlets enjoyed the walk to school and that your car is running again.

Ordinarylife said...

So nice that they still want to hang out.