18 May 2013

Open House

Today was one of those magical days. When chaos reigns in its own happy bubble and I am able to calmly just absorb the splendour that is childhood.

These two entertained us non-stop! 
My favourite moment was watching the boys practise various moves on the skate ramp while the girls idly chatted on the couch in the sun. I was ever so tempted to photograph the moment but thought better of it.

This was taken before the rest of the girls joined the couch
The wii was definitely a brilliant buy 
I had 15 kids over today for about 4 hours. Most of them Rachels classmates but all them friends to all my kids. These little people have been in my orbit for 6yrs now and have watched both Levi and Faith grow up and they treat them so kindly.

Some chill while others....
play tag rugby!

The house was full of laughter, hijinx and much merriment. The trampoline, the skate ramp, the wii, the ipad and the spectacular weather made sure everyone found something to do that lit their fire.

These boys had moooooves!

I really dont want Rachel to leave this class. I want her to see it out until the end of Grade 7. I am trusting that sanity (and Gods plan) will prevail and she will (happily) choose to stay in school.

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